1-1-1: How Can I Cheer my Child Without Buying Him Anything

1-1-1: How Can I Cheer my Child Without Buying Him Anything


 If every time you are buying things to make up with your children, then you are somehow building an impression that - Love = Things.

 Yes, children are delighted when you buy them something to compensate for missing their annual day event. But the emotional need for your presence cannot be substituted, no matter what you buy them.

 The right equation to build would be - Love = Presence.

 Often being with a child feels like a Herculean task with constant commitments of work at our disposal along with notifications on our screens. One after the other, it seems like just when you think of sitting down with your child, some work comes up.

 Spending time with children requires your undivided attention. So while cheering up your child, what would deeply connect with your child is your apology without any BUT. Just a sincere apology, owning up to what you missed or did.

 And then judging the space and deciding if you'd like to create a space for them to release their anger, pain or hurt as you listen to them without any judgment. Or sit with them and do an activity that your child loves to do and give your undivided attention, keeping your phones aside. In any case, children need your PRESENCE.



 Jesse Jackson strongly expressed that,

 “Your children need your presence more than your presents.”



 Your children will forget mostly everything that you bought them, but they'll remember how you made them feel. So what memory would you like your children to have with you?

See you next Friday!

Risheb Jain

Unschooling Dad & Parenting Coach

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