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Research shows that children who know how to cook tend to eat healthier.

They are more likely to choose nutritious foods over processed options, as they develop an understanding of ingredients and their impact on health.

Cooking skills also foster a positive relationship with food, encouraging kids to try new flavors and make mindful choices.

Cooking teaches valuable life skills such as following instructions, planning meals, and understanding food safety, which are essential for maintaining a healthy diet throughout life.


perfect for imaginary play & real-time cooking

  • Real-time cooking
  • Save screen-time tantrum
  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Portable


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jaya Berggreen Clausen
Beautiful real quality cooking set for children

I was happy to receive the set that arrived well packed and in good condition. I have a five year old grandson who likes to cook and who also does a lot of nature experiences with his parents. The little stove, heated by dry sticks and easily gathered pieces of small wood keeps a small fire well maintained and safe. A small bottle with pancake or dosai mix and he can on the spot wether at home in the garden or on a forest walk add to the breakfast or other meal with his own contribution.
Nice to serve mom and dad, grandma, big brothers, cousins or friends and to have a bite himself too. A great set for free exploration on small scale that is easy to handle.
Thank you for producing these great materials.

Deepal Patel
Awsomeeeee product

My daughter is 10 years old and the twinkle in her eyes when she sw the set said it all to me....
She is so excited always to make things for the family in her small set and tries new recipes as well.
Absolutely educational as well as fun nd yummy product it is.
She actually realised the change in taste when made on gas and then on chula.
Thank you for making such amazing set.

Princee Bandhekar

Cute set

Gopalakrishna Adapa
Excellent Product

The Kids mini iron kitchen set is very well crafted with heavy cast iron material and smooth edges for safety while kids paly with the items


I absolutely love my mini iron kitchen set! It's adorable and perfect for small spaces. The quality is surprisingly good, and it's functional for light cooking needs. It's also a great decorative piece for my kitchen. I highly recommend it!


How to start using the The Mini Iron Kitchen Set?

Gently wash the cookware and heat it in gas burner, apply some cooking oil onto the cooking surface and cool it down. Now the cookware is ready for use.

How to remove rust from The Mini Iron kitchen Set?

Scrub the cookware with salt and oil mixture to remove the rust, then wash well, wipe them dry and apply some cooking oil and store.

How heavy is the Mini Iron Kitchen Set? Can my child easily use it?

The ideal weight of the whole set is 1.25 Kg and diameters ranging from 9.5 cm - 11.5cm, ideal for a child to easily hold and carry it.

What recipes can be cooked on the Mini Iron Kitchen Set?

Yummy dosas, panniyarams, chapatis, make sabzis( curry), puris and in fact most of the dishes you prepare everyday in a miniature form.

How safe is it safe for my children to use the Mini Iron kitchen Set?

All cookware are made of 100% iron and the material is eco-friendly and healthy.

Adult supervision is a must when the child is cooking.

What's an ideal age to play or cook with this set?

Suitable for children aged 5years and above.