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Top 5 New Year Resolutions for Parents

As the new year approaches, there is a promising zeal and hope that the next year would be more positive, beautiful and a belief that you will get one step closer to turning your dreams into actions. 

As parent’s, managing both work and family could be an arduous task. And no matter how hard you work in making your kids or family happy, you are often hurt seeing that your efforts are still unable to create the magic, instill the values and strengthen the bond between you and your kids.

Here’s a list of top five resolutions for the year 2019 to get one step closer to your kids to connect more strongly than before.

Avoid using the word Don’t- This one word could be highly destructive and negative to be used with children. It stops their creativity and instills a sense of fear and self-doubt. You can try reducing the use of the word “don’t” in your communication.

Instead of saying “Don’t talk to me like that. You better be respectful”. You can rephrase it to “I’ll listen to you as soon as your voice is as calm and quiet as mine”.

Unplug More – You have already had an exhausting day at work and the reason you look forward to getting back home is to spend a happy time with your family.


So, put down your cell phone, iPad, T.V remote, laptop or any other gadget that distracts you from spending time with your family.

And practice involving everyone in cleaning up, chatting, preparing dinner together, setting the table, playing board games, sharing learnings and success of the day, etc. So, as they grow old they will have more family memories to cherish.

Be an epitome of LOVE – As spouses, you are together working as a team in raising your kids. You might be giving in most of your time spending time with them in order to be a super mom-dad.


Ensure that you save some time for your ‘wonderful husband’ or ‘beautiful wife so that your children also learn in real life the values of love, compassion, care, gratitude, and forgiveness.

Providing kids with an example of a healthy and happy marriage will hopefully help them feel more happy, confident and secure. 

Share chores – Having to do all the chores at home on your own could be very tiring and could create more stress. Create a system where the chores are assigned to every member of the family.


You will be surprised to know that kids enjoy responsibilities but only when it’s given to them with trust, freedom and no judgment whatsoever.

You can discuss with your kids or give them options so they can choose the task that they would enjoy doing. This would instill a sense of responsibility from a very young age and an opportunity for the family to share the workload and to be able to create their own family time. 

Less cleaning – As a mom, you feel it’s your sole responsibility to keep the house clean. And it’s not helping you anyway to find time for your husband or kids.

You could try practicing the earlier point suggested so that you get more time playing with your kids and less time cleaning.

It’s important to realize that when kids grow big they will not remember how tidy their house was, they will remember more of the time spent by their parents playing with them. 

Wishing every parent and readers a very Joyous 2019.

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