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Meaningful Gifts For Children When You Are Visiting Them

You all know that children love, ice-creams, chocolates, wafers, toys, clothes, etc, and do you buy these things for them as a present when you are visiting them?

Why do you assume that children enjoy and love eating only junk? Often when people see my 2yo son, they immediately offer chocolates, biscuits, pastries, chips, etc.

Surprisingly, I had been offering and buying the same things too, until one day I was confused standing at a store deciding what I should buy for a 4yo girl.

I picked up a couple of dairy milk silk, a packet of gems, few cream biscuits, and one colorful candy. As I approached the cash till I wondered if I would encourage my son to have all of this if someone brought it for him.  

Without any hesitation, the voice inside me immediately said a strong – ‘NO’.

And so I returned and placed the items back to where they belonged and started thinking again, ‘what can I buy for the 4yo girl when I meet her after a long time? And also to give her an understanding that presents always don’t have to be junk?’

So I am sharing a list of items that you could buy for children if you have your visit planned well in advance or even if it’s a sudden plan.

  1. Art and Craft Supplies

You can never go wrong with art and craft supplies. Children love playing with crayons, paints and you may also want to consider presenting them an art easel if you intend to make the gift more significant.

Non-toxic crayons and paints are more safer for children and also a great colorful hamper for children to be excited.

  1. Basket of fruits

This is the most beautiful and easiest gift to buy and give. You don’t need any planning or put in a lot of thoughts, you only have to know what the budget is and buy accordingly.

Every child loves fruits. Yes! I agree that they don’t like all the fruits but they have their own favorite ones just like adults. A basket or bag of small quantities of apple, orange, kiwi, musk melon, water melon, etc is again a healthy and a thoughtful present.

  1. A football, basketball or a good normal ball

Don’t think that they must already be having balls to play. Well, they have chocolates and chips at home too, but you still buy them, right?

Toys and games eventually wear off, so the child will definitely get a chance soon to play with a ball that you have gifted. Anyhow, we all love something new, so if the child is happy and excited, your present has landed to him with the best of your intentions.

  1. Homemade sweets or snacks

What would you treasure the most, a handwritten letter or an expensive already printed greeting card? A hand written letter, right? So why think that handmade stuffs would look cheap and embarrassing?

People value and respect anything that’s handmade with pure love, joy and purity. So prepare something that you think children would love to eat and you’ll feel happy as you impatiently see them munching the snacks that you prepared with so much love.

  1. A gift card

I find this unique style of gifting as one of the best thoughtful present. Check online for the kind of companies that align with your idea and beliefs and buy their gift cards.

This way, it’s a win-win situation for all of you. You gift a card of a store that aligns with your values and the child and the parent can buy something from the same store that they like. Isn’t it great?

So, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind that you’d like to buy for children, when you are visiting them? Share them in the comment below.

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