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5 TedTalks That Will Help You Raise Successful Kids

“Why do I listen to TedTalks, especially on the subject of parenting?”, my wife asks me with curiosity.

And I say, “most of the speakers out there have experienced different things or have done things differently and their stories, research data, views, findings of their experiments, opinions, and thoughts, they are highly informative and inspiring.”

I strongly agree with what Leila Summers clearly shares, “sometimes the only reason for us to be somewhere else is to see things from a different perspective.”

And TedTalks is one of the many other platforms which I follow to learn, to get inspired and to build on my own existential ideas and thoughts.

I’m sharing my Top 5 favorite TedTalks on parenting:

 #1. When Do Kids Start To Care About Other People’s Opinions? | Sara Valencia Botto

This interesting TedTalk provides a deep understanding of why humans are the only species on the planet who are prone to change or tailor their behavior in the presence of others? And this catastrophic behavior starts as early as in an infant who does not even know to speak even one incomplete sentence.

Watch the video to know more about Sara Valencia and Dr.Philips – ‘The Robot Task Experiment’ which is highly insightful about how even as little as an infant, the presence of others has an impact on their behavior and watching those cute little babies play in the video is a delight. 

#2. One Dad’s Mission To Rebuild Bonds Between Kids And Their Fathers | Dwight Stitt

Dwight Stitt’s heartfelt talk is all about bonding with his son and sharing stories of a traumatic childhood and lessons learned from his father.

His passion has successfully led to a successful weekend canoeing campaign where Dwight supports fathers and children to spend quality time canoeing, playing, having meals together in the midst of nature and shares transforming experiences and insightful learnings.

#3. For Parents Happiness is a Very High Bar | Jennifer Senior

Jennifer eloquently expresses her views on how ‘parenting’ as a subject has evolved since the 1960s and the reason behind why this subject today is gaining more attention than ever before is astounding.

In this TedTalk, she offers some great advice and tips on what a modern middle-class family needs to focus rather than focusing on an elusive goal of – ‘raising happy children’.

#4. Nature is Everywhere. We Just Need to Learn to See it| Emma Marris

Emma Marris shares a completely new definition of Nature in this insightful TedTalk and also shares solutions on how can we change our relationship with nature in spite of living in modern, well-equipped urban spaces.

She also beautifully shares why as adults we should encourage our children to touch nature, play, and tinker with it. And she shares her powerful belief that – what remains untouched is unloved.

#5. To Raise Brave Girls, Encourage Adventure | Caroline Paul

Caroline Paul is all about bravery. In a world where parents are constantly scared of their children getting hurt especially girls, she believes that fear is not helping children, it’s hurting their confidence and affecting their decision-making abilities.

She goes on to share how as parents we unintentionally communicate to our kids that girls are fragile and boys are gutsy. She shares lots of stories and examples of how we can raise girls who grow up to become confident and brave.

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